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Does Cannabis Increase Creativity? Studies Suggest It Depends on Dose and Personality

Originally posted at Psychedelic Times.

A few years ago, a friend who used cannabis daily to relieve insomnia told me that, while marijuana was still helping him sleep, he felt it no longer promoted creative thinking like it used to. “It’s just not the same anymore,” he complained. When he first started smoking, he felt inspired to compose music, write lyrics, and draw; now he just felt complacent.

Was marijuana inhibiting my friend’s creativity? On the contrary, it’s long been suggested that cannabis actually promotes creative thinking. Studies dating back to 1970 show that regular users report having more original thoughts while using marijuana, and more recent research also indicates that up to 50% of cannabis users think it heightens their creativity.

However, results from two newer studies—a Dutch study published last year and a 2012 British study—take other factors into consideration, including the strength of cannabis strains, how often a person uses it, and their baseline personality. The results back up my friend’s suspicion but also shed some light on other influencing factors. According to these studies, regular use of cannabis strains high in THC may decrease creative thinking skills, but cannabis’ particular effects also may depend on your personality. Read the entire article at Psychedelic Times.



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