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Study finds U.S. marijuana arrests outpace those for violent crime, urges drug decriminalization

[Originally posted by Alicia Wallace at The Cannabist]

New report by prominent human-rights groups notes marijuana arrests outnumber those for violent crimes, highlights the human toll of America’s arrest-first drug policy, urges decriminalization of drug use.

Drug possession lands someone in handcuffs every 25 seconds in the United States, and despite the scales tipping in favor of marijuana legalization, pot arrests outnumber those for violent crimes, according to a new report by two human rights organizations.

Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday issued a report documenting the “human toll” of making drug possession and use criminal offenses in America. In conjunction with the release of “Every 25 Seconds: The Human toll of Criminalizing Drug Use in the United States,” the organizations made a heightened call for the decriminalization of the personal use and possession of small amounts of drugs. Read the entire article at The Cannabist.

You know something is wrong when you’re getting arrested for being arrested for possession of a natural plant that is not harmful to your body.


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  1. Right?! Seriously, we have people violent crimes against women and children just getting a slap on the wrist while marijuana “crimes” go punished for years! Just not right.


    • Completely agree! I can’t wait for the day that the government frees these people and wipes these harmless crimes off their records. It’s time to focus on the real problems.

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