Sploofstick – The Freshest Way To Smoke, Ever!

I recently stumbled across “Sploofstick” – A small and very discrete little device that passes as lip-balm/chap-stick. You wouldn’t think much of it at first sight, but it comes in REALLY handy when you’re looking to smoke without drawing attention to you!

It’s so intuitive you wish you would’ve thought of it. The idea is to exhale all smoke into this small tube and what comes out is a fresh laundry or  nice apple cinnamon scent (depending on which one you buy – but I would recommend both because they’re worth the money.)

Each individual Sploofstick has a slight curve to its design in order to prevent rolling on a tilted or flat surface. It’s very subtle in its labeling and you can carry it around in your pocket, hassle-free.

It uses no harsh chemicals, and no batteries necessary, and each Sploofstick lasts about 1 month or approximately 250-300 exhales, depending on how much you love the damn thing!

More importantly, if you’re at your buddies/girlfriends house and you feel like their living space stinks, pull out the Sploofstick and just exhale. It acts as a regular air freshener too! (Don’t judge but, I use it in my own car – it works great!)

Locally made and operated just outside of Cleveland, each Sploofstick is handcrafted in-house without the use of a commercial manufacturer; so you know you’re getting a product that was cared for by its curators.

Check out the Sploofstick Instagram page and like them on Facebook here!

Click here to check out the Company’s Online Store (They offer free shipping too!)



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