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Green Wine Is Officially A Thing.

Twist my rubber arm…

California winemakers have recently started producing marijuana-infused wine for commercial purposes. With this never-before-available beverage, you can get tipsy and stoned at the very same time if you so choose.

Before you get too excited, we have to tell you that unfortunately it might be a little difficult to obtain new levels of relaxation with weed wine. In most states where marijuana is legal, like Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, it’s still illegal to infuse alcohol with it. According to Elite Daily, California is currently the only state where this cannabis creation is sold.

With a medical-marijuana license, half a bottle of weed-infused wine could cost anywhere between $120 to $400. That’s a lot of green. So, you’ll just have to decide for yourself whether jumping through all those hoops is worth it for some pot port or cannabis cabernet.

It better be tasty!

Original article credit goes to http://www.refinery29.comClick here to redirect to their site!


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