What’s the Hold up in Alaska?

Originally reported by Laurel Andrews of Alaska Marijuana News, Marijuana stores have been long overdue in the state of Alaska, where marijuana is already legal.


Now that Alaska’s first commercial cannabis harvest is underway, readers want to know: When will marijuana shops open?

“We’re just weeks away,” said Cynthia Franklin, executive director of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, on Tuesday. “This is happening.”

In Fairbanks, Frozen Budz is nearly done building its retail store, co-owner Destiny Neade wrote Tuesday. Frozen Budz was the first retailer approved by the state and will likely have its final inspection next week.

“Then it’s just a waiting game until the labs are running,” Neade wrote.

Across the state, testing facilities are the linchpin marijuana growers and retailers need for moving forward. The first harvests can’t reach retail stores until that marijuana goes through the crucial step of lab testing for potency and potential microbials.

CannTest LLC, a cannabis testing facility in Anchorage’s Ship Creek area, will likely be the first to open. A lengthy municipal permitting process pushed back its open date later than anticipated, said CEO Mark Malagodi.

“Mid- to late-October is what we’re shooting for,” Malagodi said.

Turnaround time for sample testing is 72 hours, Malagodi said. The company enters results into the statewide tracking system, which allows the grower to release the batch of marijuana to a retailer, he said.

“I’ve had a couple of people tell me that the day we open they’ll be at our front door with samples,” Malagodi said.

Back in Fairbanks, marijuana shop Pakalolo Supply Co. hopes to open around Halloween.

“A lot of that is dependent on the testing labs though,” co-owner Keenan Hollister wrote.

Two other testing facilities are moving toward opening this winter. AK Green Labs LLC in Anchorage has been approved by the state and hopes to open in early November, owner Brian Coyle said last week.

To read the full article, click this link to ADN.com


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