Rejecting opioids – pain patients find relief with marijuana

I am a big believer that marijuana can be used medicinally as an alternative treatment to opioids (aka narcotics pain killers like morphine, oxycodone etc) for treating acute/chronic pain. Opioids can be addictive and they make you really constipated, and the high feeling that you get is almost unavoidable and hard to control. I’ve been prescribed them narcotics multiple times post surgery, and I just ended up throwing the prescription away since my girl maryjane was always available to help treat the pain.

The Boston Globe has written an article providing anecdotal evidence of these types of situations. One patient, Julian Sullivan, who is a 52 year old freelance writer who describes herself as “the straightest arrow, the unlikeliest stoner”, and has found success in using marijuana to treat her chronic pain. Read the entire article at The Boston Globe.





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