New Studies

Teens don’t think pot is that cool anymore

One major debate against legalizing marijuana is parents fear there will be higher marijuana use among teenagers. A recent federal survey  has shown that teenage pot use is not increasing at a national level. According to this survey, the percentage of teens age 12 to 17 have slightly decreased over the years. In 2002, approximately 8% of teens were smoking pot and it has dropped to roughly 6.5%-7% in 2014. Read more about this at The Cannibst.

I am pleasantly surprised about this statistic because marijuana use was quite high when I was in high-school. I would have thought that this would have gone up as it is easier to get access to this on the black market as the years have gone by. However, I have noticed that kids are getting more education about substance abuse, and education is the best preventative method. With access to the internet and all of the information it has to offer, I’m not surprised if teens are Google’ing the short-term/long-term effects of drugs before they consider experimenting. After seeing some videos of the everyday struggles of meth heads and other drug addicts, I definitely didn’t want to risk going down that road. God bless technology.


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