Medical marijuana legal in Ohio, but you can’t buy it yet

A law making medical marijuana legal in Ohio is now in effect.

But patients interested in giving pot a try will need to be patient.

Though there’s a state law validating the use of pot for certain conditions, there’s no way to buy the drug legally at this point.

For some potential patients, that dual reality is already creating a haze of confusion.

“To say that medical marijuana is legal in the state of Ohio is not really a true sentence,” Nicole Scholten said. “To say that the first steps of the law take effect today is a true statement.”

After spending years watching her daughter Lucy have seizures, Scholten is ready to see if medical marijuana will provide relief.

“I would say that today is absolutely a milestone on this path towards, you know, legal access to effective medicine for people that don’t have it currently,” Scholten said.

It’s a milestone because Ohio is now the 25th state to make pot legal for medical reasons.

But Scholten, a long-time advocate of the controversial drug, says patients need to know there’s still a long way to go.

Check out the full article here


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