Buffalo Bills Offensive Tackle Seantrel Henderson, appealing suspension for marijuana use to treat Crohn’s disease

With football season starting up, the Buffalo Bills have lost a few key players of their roster due to violation of the substance abuse policy. Karlos Williams (running back) and Seantrel Henderson have both been suspended for testing positive for marijuana; however Henderson is appealing the suspension stating that he is using marijuana for medical purposes. Read more about it at The Cannabist.

Marijuana is a legitimate treatment to Crohn’s disease as it helps relieve the pain and help reduce inflammation within the GI tract. I would prefer to go this route over the traditional western practices using NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) and steroids.

I don’t really understand why marijuana is a banned substance in a lot of sports (eg Olympics, UFC, NFL etc) since most people will not want to play high as it could be detrimental to their cognitive abilities and senses. I’m not sure about you, but whether I’m smoking indica or sativa, I do not want to be playing any sport and giving it my all. The only time it’s a performance enhancing drug is when you’re in bed with your partner and you’re both high. Let’s be real here people.


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug- so I don’t think a suspension is necessary. If they want to fine them for doing something which is considered illegal in NY currently- then fine. But they need to wake up to marijuanas real effect and even more so it’s health benefits!

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