Marijuana 101

Beginners guide to the two main types of marijuana

From speaking to a lot of inexperienced marijuana users about their experiences with Maryjane herself, I’ve come across many people who say they can’t function normally or they aren’t themselves when they’re high. I immediately ask them what type of bud did they smoke: Indica, Sativa, or some hybrid?  Almost everyone was not aware of the different types let alone all of the different strains nor the effects that each one has on one’s mind and body.

I refer to this as my sleeping beauty as I will use it to help me relax and shut my brain off from a long day of thinking. I am the type of person that will continue to think about work or anything important that is going on right before bed. This often leads to late nights and lack of sleep. A couple of puffs of a nice indica works wonders, and I have found it to be far more effective than melatonin.

This should be consumed when you want to be able to function, focus, and/or do something creative. I do not smoke sativa that often as I primarily smoke indica as a sleep aid, but I have quite a few friends who use sativa on a daily basis during working hours of the day. These functional stoner friends of mine will spend  a couple of minutes with  their pal sativa, and then have a few very productive hours.

The name gives it away. These will be a mix between indica and sativa, and your dealer should know what the ratio is. Some people prefer hybrids as they can get the best of both worlds, but it really all is about preference.

Everyone should have a dealer they trust, and they should never be afraid to ask what they’re buying. Consuming the wrong type can have a dramatic effect on your body and lead to a negative experience. I suggest that everyone just takes it easy, give themselves a few minutes to see if they are high or not, and assess if they like it. Smoke in small doses and advance as needed. Remember that inhaling marijuana is one of the fastest ways to get high so be patient and go slow. One too many puffs can knock you on your ass. I hope this helps all the future/new/inexperienced users out there. Don’t let one bad high or story ruin it for you.

Scroll down at The Business Insider for a video on four tips for first time users.



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