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Cannabis Gardens vs. Beer Gardens – The case for mankind.

With the ever growing nature of the festival culture, individuals are looking for more and more ways to spice up the experience (not that it REALLY needs it)! recently attended ‘Northern Lights Music Festival’ with an offering: a Cannabis Garden.

The Leafly Tree Lounge, which opened at Northern Nights Music Festival in Piercy, California on July 15, 2016, was the first-ever designated area for on-site consumption of medical marijuana at a fest. “The idea of joining forces with a community-driven arts and music festival in the heart of a cannabis mecca to showcase the first ever legal cannabis lounge was an opportunity not to pass up,” said Kristin Kofmehl, Leafly’s coordinator for the Tree Lounge. “If you can have a beer garden, why not a cannabis lounge? Pioneering is never easy, but the Leafly Tree Lounge was a hit.”

The article discusses the lounge in more detail and discusses 7 other (very valid) reasons why a Cannabis garden would work.

To read the article, CLICK HERE


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