SalesForce for the Marijuana Industry? Why not.

A Denver Company by the name of Baker Technologies has gathered up 1.6 million dollars in seed funding in order to create an online platform for small businesses to not only market their products, but also help bridge the gap for customers to easily purchase products over the internet.

It’s just one of many new ideas surfacing in the midst of an era where the legalization of marijuana is closer than we think.

The Wall street journal reports: 500 Startups, Base Ventures, XG Ventures, Poseidon Asset Management and other angel investors participated in the round. Though several startups, such as Eaze Solutions LLC, have attracted funding in the cannabis sector, many investors are still holding off on investing because marijuana has yet to be legalized at the federal.

You have to risk a little to make a little, right? Baker sees similarities in the present day weed industry to that of social media, in its early stages. The possibilities and growth potential are endless. Baker is one of several trying to get in early before marijuana goes mainstream.

To read the full article on The Wall Street Journal –> Click here


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