Canadian RCMP officers looking more and more to Medicinal Marijuana

Article Written by Rachel Browne of Vice.

According to government documents obtained by Montreal news outlet La Presse, 47 officers had their prescriptions covered by the insurance plan for RCMP officers who have suffered injuries on the job from 2015 to 2016. The total cost for the medical weed — which averaged about one gram per day per officer — came to $272,000.

As medical marijuana use continues to rise in the RCMP, so too is it becoming more commonplace within the Canadian army. Documents obtained by CBC earlier this year show that medical pot use among Canadian military veterans has spiked tenfold over the last two years. And from April to December of 2015, veterans’ insurance plan covered $12.1 million worth of medical cannabis for 1,320 veterans. Until recently, the insurance plan for Canadian vets was the only plan in the country that covered medical marijuana.

The high number of veterans using medical cannabis has prompted an internal review of the program by the federal minister of veterans affairs, and the government is moving to limit the amount of cannabis veterans can use to 10 grams per day.

Medical marijuana use among the general Canadian population has also gone up in recent years. There were 100 people registered with the federal government to obtain cannabis with a prescription in 2001. As of this year, that number has risen to well over 40,000.

To read the full article – Click Here


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